Some are saying the VA scandal is a gift from heaven to conservatives–it kind of is. It is shaping up to be the biggest problem of the Obama administration. Of course, President Obama never said, “Make lists of people to delay so you can look like you’re processing more people”. He ordered them to speed things up. They did it the wrong way, at some hospitals. BUT President Obama could have been more pro active in appointing people to oversee the VA issues. The Atlantic states that the Obama’s administration’s tendency to go hard on military related whistle blowers suppressed people who might have blown the whistle on this before it became a scandal. Maybe.

Certainly, he failed to be detail oriented enough in the VA situation. (I remember that Jimmy Carter was faulted by conservatives for being too detail oriented.) Pres Obama has been, like all presidents, prioritizing. He probably is too decent a guy to imagine that this kind of thing (which may be exaggerated but is surely bad enough anyway) would be possible in a VA hospital. He’ll pay the price for having too much faith in his bureaucrats. It’ll be cleaned up, and he’ll finish his administration. But it’s something he should have made a bigger priority.

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