It’s Stressful to be A Greedhead; or is it Greedhead to be Stressful?

Heard a radio report about a study measuring levels of cortisol in people to check their stress; women had more stress at home than work–but the highest stress was in rich guys who have to work to stay rich.That’s stressful, maintaining that kind of money, fighting economic entropy. Stress has a way of affecting cognition, has a way of affecting decisions.

People under stress are less likely to be empathetic. If stress is mainly their condition, their normal capacity for conscience is truncated, weakened. That’s just neurology. And that explains a lot about the behavior of the 1%, of corporate CEOs and their ilk.

Of course there’s a way to maintain conscience in all conditions, but few people know about that way. So they’re subject to fluctuations in empathy, in the capacity to give a good goddamn what happens to other people–if they live primarily for money.

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