Do we have to believe ALL OF IT?

I’m open minded about the paranormal, so called–I happen to think some forms of telepathy are real, and some precognition is real. (I think that in the rare instances when they’re real they are a function of some unknown physical law, not the supernatural). But I want to ask why most people who believe in, for example, extraterrestrials visiting Earth seemingly have to believe ALL or nearly all alleged UFO/ET visitation stories and the ridiculous alien astronaut misinterpretations of the archaeological record?

Why can’t they accept that alien abduction stories are either hallucinatory or fraudulent–they never really honestly look at skeptical evidence–and still have room for some reasonable UFO reports about extraordinary craft (if that’s what they really are) following jets and so on?

What’s wrong with, at least, some selectivity? Why do most people who believe in psychic phenomena have to believe in ghosts AND channelers AND crooks like the “psychic medium” John Edward AND seances AND psychic healing AND levitating Tibetan monks AND Mayans predicting the end of the world AND…so on?

Why does all quartz have to be misidentified as diamonds? Is it really so impossible to have a filter to eliminate the false miraculous–so we might possibly do a better job of searching for the true miraculous?

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