The Ghost Tugging at My Toe

At one point I was struggling with a sleep disorder and had to use a sleeping agent (restoril, I think) and was lying in bed and felt something tugging on my big toe. I looked and saw a hand tugging on it. Then it was gone.

Then…it came back–only I couldn’t see it but could feel it. It was like an adult was teasing me (no one there with me). Then I felt presences in the room. I said, mentally, go away! I tried to emanate this idea at them. A man’s face suddenly appeared, and it was a man I’ve never seen before. He looked very annoyed as he glared at me from beside my bed. He was a middle aged guy–a complete stranger to me. I repeated my mental demand and fairly soon they were gone again. I had other strange dreams that night…

Because yes, this was all a dream, of course, a side effect of the pill I’d taken. I was in a kind of middle state between waking and dreaming, but edging more into a dreamstate, and I was seeing things. My brain was making this stuff up. I was hallucinating. And to me this is interesting to contemplate–just how a change in brain chemistry can lead to encounters with imaginary beings, physical sensations and so on. Certain electrical fields –as demonstrated by studies–will cause a person to feel as if “hands” are on them holding them down. It’s a purely cerebral effect.

To me my apparitional visitation relates to experiences people have had with “alien abductions” at night, ghosts in bedrooms and so on. I’m not saying that all paranormal experiences are hallucinatory, however. But this kind are likely to be.

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