The JFK Assassination….NO We Don’t Know Yet…

I don’t know if JFK was set up for assassination or not. It’s the conventional wisdom he was and it is definitely true that all kinds of people were around who were happy when he was gone. Certain hardcore-anti-Castro American/Cubans who were angry when JFK pulled the plug on the Bay of Pigs invasion (which JFK didn’t plan in the first place, that was the previous administration)–they were pleased when he was shot. There were the mafioso who were angry when RFK and JFK went after them with the justice department–after they’d made such a lovely deal with Joseph Kennedy. There were worried elements of the CIA, a service which, rumor has it, JFK was about to reform completely. There was J. Edgar Hoover who was capable of ANYTHING. LBJ is said to have hated JFK.

But it’s been demonstrated that all the “magic” of the magic bullet theory is actually quite explainable, that Oswald was exactly the kind of lunatic who’d shoot a President and people have shown exactly how Oswald could have fired that fast and accurately.

So in my opinion–we don’t know. Many intelligent, devoted people who have for FORTY YEARS and more believed that JFK was killed by a CIA based conspiracy have an emotional investment in that belief. Can ANYONE believe something like that for 40+ years and change their minds, whatever the evidence? JFK might’ve been killed by conspiracy. But so far it’s not proven–Oliver Stone’s dramatic arc turns out to be just that…and quite porous.

But was Oswald killed rather conveniently? Yes! And Ruby–well actually he really was already a dying man when he shot Oswald.

I say it’s not clear at all–and I maintain that people with an emotional investment in a conspiracy theory, whether 9/11 truthers or chemtrail fanatics or the more intelligent JFK-assassination buffs, are pretty nearly incapable of objectivity and re-examining the evidence.

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