America the Memory Challenged

Is our national memory really so feeble? Will Americans forget, in November? Or when they vote will they remember that the Republicans paralyzed America by refusing to raise the debt ceiling, by refusing to sign off on a budget–that they threatened to shut down the country? That the President–that is, a Democrat–called their bluff and made them stop playing with people’s lives, with American jobs?

Will voting Hispanics and other immigrants remember that the Democrats have tried to enact the Dream Act, and immigration reform, and Republicans blocked these bills to help immigrants?

Will anyone remember the jobs bill that President Obama offered, that would have repaired infrastructure and created huge numbers of good jobs for unemployed Americans–a bill blocked by Republicans?

Will people who jeer that “it’s a two party system and they’re both alike” remember *any* of this sharp contrast? Will WOMEN remember that the GOP has again and again blocked a betterment of women’s rights in America? And will they remember that Senate Republicans just blocked a bill on equal pay for women?


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