Tweets from the War Room

Cell phones in the War Room. Nuclear war threatens. Top brass, civilian personnel watching the screens as in Dr Strangelove but now with smart phones, iPads, people unable to keep from texting, theyre addicted to it; unable to keep from tweeting too. “Whoa, first time in War Room during possible start up to major fireworks. Rockin’ but scary. Intense.” Or “Are those Chinese missiles? And is there lunch in here? Instagramming photo of hot lieutenant in tight blouse”. “Checkitout, situation got hotter, theyre saying Red Alert Highest Class stat. What regs re tweets?”

“Guy coming at me with gun drawn? #overreaction much?!” Security in War Room: “Highest security status requires instant execution to stop transmission of classified data out of War Room.” Bang, shoots tweeter in the head. Others start tweeting, “#gross headshot chill dude this isn’t walking dead” – That tweeter is quickly shot in the head.

Others are automatically thumbing texts. “You wouldn’t believe…are those missile blips? Better go to basement” – Blam, shot in head.

More tweeting. More shooting.

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