Marijuana: The Old Myths are Gone–and the NEW Myths are Here

For a long time there were many prevalent myths about marijuana, some of them spread by pot prohibitionists and uptight liars, some by “Reefer Madness”, some by scared school boards–and now there’s a NEW set of myths, spread mostly by the new generation of weed enthusiasts. The old myths were, it’s addictive like heroin, it’ll make you murderous, your baby will drown in the bathtub, your brain will fall out your ears or whatever, it will inevitably make you a snoozy layabout and it was likely to be a gateway drug to smack or crack; and so on. Oh and that’s it’s a nutty kwazy hallucinogen. All that stuff was bullshit.

The new myth is that marijuana can do no wrong and is always a good thing. The new myth, in fact, is that it has no downside ever, and that it cures many diseases. Since it clearly does have some medicinal value–its use for cancer patients fighting nausea and malaise, its use against inflammation, even indications it can help with some forms of autism–people make the jump in their minds that if it helps with some symptoms of cancer treatment or other symptoms, then it must necessarily cure cancer. They claim there are “studies” that show “pot cures cancer”. Well there aren’t, not real studies that show that, no. It’s useful but it’s not a cure-all. It’s not a panacea. It’s not an all-around miracle drug. It has great qualities and is better for you than heavy boozing but it also has some downsides.

Old hands at drugs know, most of them, that it’s probably not good to smoke a lot and drive, especially strong marijuana–it’s not as dangerous as being really drunk but it still screws with your reactions and perceptions, not good in driving. Old hands with pot also know, most old hands, that pot can have varied effects in various people; one guy gets relaxed and euphoric; another gets paranoid and dysphoric. They also know that there are many kinds of pot with many kinds of effects. They know that if you eat it in cookies or whatever it ups the effect, it really hits you and it may well be too much for some people and they will trip out in an unpleasant way.

There is I think SOME basis in pot’s negative effect on memory, especially on some people, and some indication that it can cause some people to be a bit prone to not getting their lives organized–at least I’ve seen that a good deal, and it’s pretty well known anecdotally. One *can* actually hallucinate on pot–I’ve done it–but you have to have done a lot of powerful weed for any hallucination to speak of… The point is the stuff will be LEGALIZED. Yes it will,in your lifetime. I support that. So let’s get REAL about it like grown ups instead of talking like we’re Cheech and Chong’s grandsons writing a paper for community college…

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