When Smoking Feathers from the Wings of Angels and Demons

All this talk of legalizing marijuana and the various types of medical marijuana, various effects of different strains, makes me feel it’s time to legalize “dangel ganja”. That, of course, is the street name for the material burned and inhaled when smoking feathers from the wings of angels and devils. I’ve been into it for years.

It’s a myth, by the way, that devils don’t have wings or that they have something like bat wings. No, they have wings with feathers, they’re just really oily, ill-smelling coppery red or black feathers, very very dark, whereas of course angel wings have gleaming white or burnished gold or platinum colored feathers. Obtaining the feathers of either entails risks unless you can find a place of combat between angels and devils, in which case you simply harvest them from the ground nearby (uninformed people often mistake them for bird feathers). They drift down from the combatants.

Anyway, the main point is, there is more than one sort of angel, more than one sort of devil, and the qualities of the high, or the medicinal effect if you like, relate to the type of supernatural being you are smoking. Naturally an archangel’s wing feathers will give you a more “heady”, intellectually objective state of mind; whereas you’ll get a kind of maternal glow from a guardian angel, and a standard vision-message angel provides a sort of peyote-like shimmer, with hallucinatory visits to sky castles. Feathers from the wings of a tempting devil tend to be very “body”, very sensual in their effects, especially when smoked in a good sized bong, whereas a torturing devil’s pinfeathers give a kind of meth/bath salts effect–you don’t want to use too much, or you’ll kill everyone nearby. The feathers from the wings of a war-fostering demon will put you in a fierce, resentful mood, so you’ll be patrolling the borders of your property with a shotgun. It’s a high but a paranoid one. . .

Of course the real epicure of dangel smoking mixes the polarities, a bit of archangel with a bit of war demon, combined with a goodly pinch of the feathers of a guardian angel to mellow you out. The result is difficult to describe. Get the proportions right and you’ll party deliciously; overdo one or the other and you may wake up two weeks later, if you come out of it at all, in a very secure psych ward. Everything in moderation. Stories about the dangers of dangel smoking are wildly exaggerated. Don’t drive while smoking the pinfeathers of a war demon–of course! But used in moderation dangel smoking can be deeply satisfying and only rarely fatal.

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