I Was Looking at a Mud Bank

I was on a walk, looking at a mud bank. What could be more interesting? “Almost anything, John.” Yes. Nevertheless I was looking at the mud, the bits of gravel, the moisture, thinking that what if I looked on this and could see the natural laws governing it outright–that is, what if I could see gravitation itself, like gravitons; what if I could see neutrinos passing through it; what if I could see chemical bonds holding it together, actually see visually the action of those bonds, the entropy very very slowly breaking them down, the action of photons on the mineral molecules, the H20, water molecules and…yes, you’re right. “John–you are seeing those things. This is what it looks like. A mud bank. You’re seeing the effect of gravitation on this substance, of photons on it, of air molecules interacting with it–the sum of that interaction is this mud bank.” Well, yes, that’s one way of looking at it. And you’re right.

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