On learning that mammal species are dying out

“Yes, Billy, in the 21st century there were animals besides starlings, rats, pit bulls & cockroaches. But we can enjoy today’s wide variety of rats and pitbulls. I rode to school on a rat today–you all know Big Wally. The variety of rat & pit bull types,  the crossbreeding of rats & pit bulls, makes for a wonderful diversity of rats & pit bulls…

“The packs of pit-bull rats are becoming less common due to attrition by giant cockroach swarms…However it’s true that tigers existed,  as well as…yes, gentlemen?”

“Mrs Twilley–may we speak to you in private? Yes this office will do. Mrs Twilley, we insist that you stop telling children about these extinct animals. We have acted to eliminate all photographs of the animals as well as  models, and stuffed specimens, from public view. It’s best that young people feel that rats, pit bulls, pit bull rats, starlings, and cockroaches are , indeed, all the animals there ever were. Others are to be regarded as myth. The Corporate State does not feel it’s profitable to feed discontent with unnecessary information. Good purchases to you, ma’am. We’ll be back…if we have to be.”

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