Is this the President’s Thinking?

The President’s logic, leading to many of his decisions–including a few I think are a mistake in the long run–may be as follows: 1) the economy is the issue nearest and dearest to the heart of the American people, because it is about survival; 2) While supply-side trickledown et al is mostly a false premise, the economy as it’s set up now is reliant on players at the top, like banks and oil companies, for hiring and stimulating hiring, and generally stimulating a growing economy; 3) Nearly anything that encourages the economy in a time of emerging from The Great Recession is politically good for the Democratic Party and necessary for America; 4) Without the election of a sufficient number of Democrats to congress the *other* goals Democrats have, like cutting Pentagon spending, cutting carbon emissions, helping the middle class, increasing regulations on banks etc, will not be doable; 5) In order to get people to re-elect these Democrats (and Independents like Sanders) and elect MORE Democrats, so Congress can move ahead with a more progressive agenda, compromises must be made to keep the economy’s “head” above water.

Anyway, that’s my theory.

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