What’s the deal with teen girls and sharp, bloody teeth?

Yet another “sexy vampire movie for teenage girls” coming out. The trailer shows pretty teen girls baring their fangs and hissing, like a cat about to bite. What’s the deal with this? Is it just teen girls dealing with their sexuality? Penetration, intimacy–blood equals menstrual blood equals womanhood? Or do they literally think male vampires attacking them parasitically is romantic, cute, attractive?

They also seem to enjoy fantasizing about being parasitical beasts themselves. Are they aware that blood contains, besides water and lots of red blood cells, mucous cells, viruses, bacteria, oxidizing toxins, pollutants in general, genetic material, and more sheer GOO? Is the attraction about becoming immortal and overcoming the fear of death? Is it just because the vampire boys are “cute”? I mean, putting FANGS, bared teeth in snarling mouths, lying in dirt filled coffins –this makes guys MORE attractive? What’s the deal?

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