Intersection of Chaos and Order

Today was thinking of an asteroid belt in an orbit around the sun. What’s more chaotic than whirling asteroids? Or the ice particles in Saturn’s rings. Same principle: kept in a stable circular orbit by gravitational pull of the sun, or the gas giant saturn, the overall shape of their orbit is well defined, if seen from a fair distance; look at smaller groups of them, or individually, they’re jagged random pieces a-whirling…The orbital ordering of the ice or rock jags as a group is itself part of a “chaotic” system in that it’s the result of the random interplay of the laws of physics in the cosmos–that random interplay of laws results in an orderliness that isn’t random. I don’t mean a “creator” made it orderly, I mean its innate nature made it so.

Chaotic and orderly, random and inevitable, all at once. The universe as Jimi Hendrix guitar solo.

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