Yes, I DO Have Criticisms For Obama

What? Yes I do have criticisms for Democrats, even Obama. Let’s take Pres Clinton first: Clinton swallowed the poison of the “free market” antiregulatory cult, and signed the bill to overturn Glass-Stegall. That was catastrophic. It allowed many wolves of wall street to run amuck. I suspect Clinton regrets it; I doubt he’d admit it. . .

Obama said his main mission was to take the country out of recession. He was told…and became convinced…that banks had to be rescued (to be fair most of that bail out money has been repaid with interest), that he had to have Wall Street Insiders in his administration (he’s an admirer of Lincoln who would do something like that)…and same goes for why he hasn’t *vigorously* pursued prosecuting Wall Street Scumbags. I think it was a mistake–too short term in his thinking. This doesn’t make him a bad President–it makes him a human being. I think that despite his ordering that drone strikes be scaled back…YES he ordered that…and that new protocols for choosing targets be picked, he has still allowed too many. The admin is now investigating the recent blasting of a wedding party by a drone. I believe heads will roll over that and he’ll reign in the drones even more. But even so, he should have been far more exacting about approving drone strikes. The idea with them was to avoid BOMBINGS which are even sloppier, and to avoid American casualties. But they’re risky…He seems to think that as risky as fracking is, and as risky as much of Monsanto’s activity is, it’s more important to cut back emissions through use of natural gas, and to provide more food to the world through (so he’s been told) GMOs and related biotech. I think he’s making a mistake.

I think that fracking is just a flat out bad idea, we had natural gas before fracking, and Monsanto is irresponsible and many of its innovations are dangerous. Not all GMOs are a bad thing, but many are risky and problematic. I think that Obama, who said he would march with union people, should have done it, when union people were up against it in, as I recall, Michigan. I think it was a moral error not to be more supportive of unions. Some of his international trade plans are too Clintonesque, and he needs to remove corporate slime from the FDA, for example.

But there is a long, long list of *good* progressive things he’s done, he is a good man, he *trends* in the right direction, and he’s America’s first black President. So I support him.

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