Lies can be Weapons of Mass Destruction

Some polls seem to indicate that, at the moment, voters are planning to “vote against anyone who supported Obama policies” in the midterms. If this is true, it’s the consequence of sheer propaganda. The real failure of Democrats isn’t a bumpy healthcare reform rollout. Their failure is to counter the staggering, steaming heap of lies told in political ads, in emails, on youtube, on CNN, at “astroturfed” websites, on right wing talk radio, on Fox news, about “Obamacare”; about the President’s policies; about Iran; about Benghazi. The notion that “liberals control the mainstream media” is hugely ironic and is itself a result of the right’s control of a great deal of media. Democrats and other progressives need to use donated money in a more pointed way. They need to buy ads to counter the lies; they need to work harder to get the truth out to the grassroots. Progressive organizations and the DNC need to spend less on “administrative costs” and more on media outreach.

Because the we’re losing the war of words–lies are the right-wing’s “WMDs”. We need to counter with truths.

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