Pay me a surcharge and I won’t poison you

In simpler times, a century or so past–things were not glorious. No antibiotics–get an infection, you might well die. Women could not vote and children could be enslaved in factories. Blacks were still subject to Jim Crow. There was no FDA or EPA. But…

But the 19th century has something going for it. You were not required to pay an extra fee to not be poisoned.

In the 19th century you could buy food that wasn’t contaminated with pesticides, at no extra cost; you could buy bedsheets uncontaminated with formaldehyde, at no extra cost; you could get a carpet that didn’t toxify your house, at no extra cost. Now if you want nontoxic sheets to sleep on, you pay a LOT extra; organic food costs more. A safe carpet–very expensive. We pay a surcharge to NOT be poisoned.

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