…Just not an OBSCENE profit

The problem with talking about unequal distribution of wealth is the terminology we progressives use confuses the average person and certainly pushes buttons on conservatives–they inevitably misunderstand. Conservatives hear “distribution” and think “so they want to redistribute wealth”; they think it means nationalizing industry, creating a dictatorship of the proletariat, forcibly redistributing wealth. But what people like Bernie Sanders and the President are saying is that we need a fair, level playing field, which includes fair remuneration for labor in all industries. (The wealthy, also, shouldn’t have unequal influence on government.) There’s a simple concept that is not being conveyed: the idea of *reasonable profit*. Obscene profits are just not ethical.

We don’t have to assume that the only way to adjust to doubling wages at fast food restaurants is by laying people off and radically raising prices. There’s another way: the owners take…*a reasonable profit*. It’s a good profit–it’s just not an obscene profit. They simply make a little less money. That doesn’t keep them from being rich. And it’s better for the society–for the economy in the larger sense. It’s the kind of “redistribution” that comes from a fair wage–and a *fair* profit.

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