Treason at the News Networks?

It could be there are limits to journalism, limits to transparency…It’s all over the news so I’m not adding to the publicity in any significant way–the CIA attempted to recruit (perhaps succeeded in some cases) Guantanamo inmates, so it could release them as sleeper agents implanted in al Qaeda and in the Taliban. There are aspects of the story that make these agents identifiable. To me, reporting on this is really irresponsible. *Choosing* not to make something like this public is not censorship, it’s discretion. It’s a sense of responsibility. But CNN and friends don’t care that now this is revealed, if any of these agents are out there in the field, they’re likely to be taken, tortured, and executed by Jihadists. And who knows what other American agents, American citizens, British agents, and others who might’ve been working with these agents, could be compromised and endangered?

Suppose these agents hadn’t been exposed…they might have obtained intelligence about planned terrorist attacks against the USA and its allies. It goes on and on. This story, in my opinion, should not have been made public.

And consider this: if terrorists have gotten hold of nuclear weapons or have plans to …like plans to seize the nuclear weapons built by Pakistan… these agents might’ve revealed those plans…might’ve saved an American or European city. Millions of lives could be at stake.

It’s possible that the American news media has committed a form of treason.

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