Wasting Energy–Inside Myself

Energy drinks, energy pills. Everyone wants to feel energetic. If we’re healthy we have enough energy but we waste so much we don’t know we have enough, or so it seems to me. As one gets older, it becomes a greater concern, as one feels less energetic. But I find that I’m constantly wasting energy in my body through pointless muscular tension. I’ve always been like that–so has everyone else, really. We’re just unaware of the needless tension we cultivate in ourselves so we don’t know how much energy we’re wasting. (Right, it’s sort of like energy waste and conservation in civilization, but internal, bodily). If I turn my attention toward the needless tension it gradually shuts off and I feel more energetic because I’m no longer squandering my strength. We *need* some tension, of course, or we’d flop over like The Scarecow without his propping stick. But when I observe myself, I see I’m constantly wasting energy on stress tension.

Unnecessary muscular tension, at least in me, usually arises from free floating anxiety. If a fire alarm goes off I’m going to feel a tension response in my body, when I hear the clangor, and that adrenaline release is there for a good reason–but it’s as if a fire alarm has been clanging for most of my life, and I don’t consciously hear it so I don’t realize I can switch it off. I’m unconsciously aware of it–so I get a tension response to that forgotten but incessant alarm bell.

But that emergency, whatever it was, is long over. No need for the alarm at the moment.

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