Depends on Which Identity They Want to Steal

I was joking with someone about all the mail piled up on the table by our front door, that I like to leave it for the identity thieves, so I can be non-identified. It’s a spirituality joke, like the Zen master in the hamburger joint, “Make me one with everything.” I do work, inwardly, on non-identification a lot, but the term does lend itself to misunderstanding. Some people might think it means a detachment to such an extent that one has no feelings, one becomes a sort of emotional drone. But no. I like what a rinpoche said (Laurie Anderson was mulling this one over), “The trick is to be able to feel sadness without being sad.”

The underlying idea is that the true self feels it, but it doesn’t identify with it–only a lower, false self identifies subjectively to the point of being carried away. The real self can pick and choose *where* to let itself be carried away…and how far.

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