Happy *Enslavement of Aboriginals Day*!

Happy *Enslavement of Aboriginals Day*! Call them Native Americans, Indians, or just good old Redskins, without Christopher Columbus they might still own America! Today we celebrate the navigational genius who thought sure he was going to a completely different continent! …Study Guide: In this section we learn about Christopher Columbus and his acts of enslavement and cruelty–the very behavior that, along with bringing diseases, helped make Europeans dominant in the Americas. On his second trip to the new world, Columbus brought 17 ships and 1,500 men, demanding treasure, food, and sex for his men. When the Lucayan natives refused, he ordered their noses and ears cut off to serve as a warning. He carried off off 500 Lucayans to be sold into slavery in Europe. And that’s just the beginning of our story!

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