Ah, Every Age Has Its Own Special Rudeness

It may be that a person’s attentiveness when you’re communicating with them is kind of a meter of their perception of your status…often anyway. Some people are less robotic about such things. Certainly when I’ve had successes that got publicity, that were known in various places, people were more attentive, they gave me more time, they spoke to me with more respect. One can feel them assessing, metering out their attentiveness. This is clearly evident in the entertainment industry. It’s also, however, something I encounter with some of my “friends” (I don’t mean facebook friends, I mean people I encounter in person) and acquaintances. If I see someone I know at a convention, say, begin talking to them, and as we talk they check their smartphone, flick through it with their thumb, I feel that I’m either boring them…and really, I don’t hold forth endlessly…or their metering of my importance places me fairly low. I see this more and more with people…

In short, if you look at your cell phone a lot when I’m talking to you–just don’t talk to me. Go hang out with your cell phone.

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