My Off The Costumed Cuff Review of KICK-ASS 2

The irony in his denouncing KICK-ASS 2, which I just saw, is that it contains the best performance I’ve seen by Jim Carrey in a long time. He stays in character splendidly. He denounced the movie for its violence, which he saw after the Sandy Hook massacre happened. Admittedly that event would have put anyone off raw depictions of violence and this picture contains very creative and imaginative excesses in violent imagery. The running lawn mower through the windshield and so on. If you liked KICK-ASS you’ll probably like this sequel as it’s internally logical (enough), and full of event and action and humor and pretty well directed. Not as well directed as the first one–different director. And the story, which borrows from CARRIE at one point, doesn’t work quite as well. Many of the movie’s plot turns are fairly predictable. But having said that, this movie has Chloe Grace Moretz as a teenage Hit-Girl in it; it has the crack-up Jim Carrey character; it has a real woman bodybuilder from Russia playing a woman bodybuilder from Russia in it–but one gone into the super villain business, as “Mother Russia”–and she’s *great*. Hell that genuinely super powerful Russian girl is worth the price of a ticket. There is a lot of very effective satirical humor–the part about what teen girls are into and how “it’s biology, bitch”, was, I thought, really quite funny.

The Hit-Girl action is good. The development of Motherf*cker, without the asterix, the villain Red Mist has become, works for me. Most important, Hit-Girl busts her moves and gets it done… and the music is very cool. Including another from Joan Jett. . .

We had a great time watching KICK-ASS 2. I hope there’s a KICK-ASS 3– and bring back Mother Russia.

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