Aw Shaddup Glib Hipster

Most of my friends are, more or less, some variety of hipster. I’m probably some kind of hipster myself. But glib hipsters annoy me. Glib hipsters say things like, “The Sex Pistols were like the Monkees, Malcolm McClaren did everything for them, he created them, they weren’t real punk rock.” Shut up, glib hipster and if you’re smart you’ll discount pretty much anything McLaren ever said. I knew him and he was full of shit. Glib hipsters opine in a kneejerk way. They say, “The Rolling Stones once had some validity but they’ve sold out and they’re too old and no longer creative.” Every rock band wants commercial success (it’s better than having a job) and they just write music they feel like writing, not just stuff that’d please glib hipsters. And glib hipsters say “White people don’t play the blues worth shit.” Shut up, glib hipster. Many white blues players are very respected by black bluesmen. Stevie Ray Vaughan did a fine job.

And if you tell me Janis Joplin couldn’t sing blues and doesn’t have soul I’ll yank off your soul patch.

Now watch what you say about the Ramones and Zappa too.

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