The Age of Extreme Adaptation

This is fast becoming the age of extreme weather. Now people will be motivated to do more forcefully what we’ve been sluggish about, till now: study how to design buildings, and places, infrastructure better suited to withstand hurricanes and tornadoes. Our means of surviving the most destructive storms hasn’t been focused on as a truly major, really fresh undertaking in physics for many years; it hasn’t been pursued as if it were a new science–pursue it that way, start over and look at it without preconceptions, and new discoveries will be made…

Wildfires are on the increase due to climate change. Now people will be motivated to find entirely new ways to prevent fires and, failing that, to fight forest fires, wildfires of all kinds. There’ll be motivation to look at them anew; to think anew about their physics, their activity, their fuel sources; to tackle the phenomenon within a more concerted, better-funded scientific project.

This will be the age of extreme adaptation.


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