The Carnival Ride

When you first get on the spinning carnival ride, the one that whips around and around, you look about yourself, trying to understand the machine and what’s going to happen. Perhaps you’re comforted by those sharing the ride with you.

Then it starts turning, and you look raptly at the way it makes the lights of the carnival spin; the way its own lighting flies around with you. You feel it whipping wind into your face. It goes faster and faster. You cling to the bar and the lights go by quite rapidly–so rapidly you’ve hardly realized you’ve traveled around the circle once before its come around again. The lights passing become meteoric blurs. You’re giddy, pressed back with inertia, just holding on, a bit sick with the speed of the ride’s passage.

Then it slows and you slow with it…Slower and slower…at last it rocks to a stop, jarring your bones…Someone tells you it’s time to get off the ride. And then? Why then, you pass through the Exit.

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