A review of HIDE ME AMONG THE GRAVES by Tim Powers

I don’t often read novels anymore, especially by modern writers; one of the few novels I’ll have read this year is HIDE ME AMONG THE GRAVES by Tim Powers. Fans of gothy literature (I won’t say gothic as that suggests a subgenre of women’s romance novels), fans of the Victorian era, fans of Dickens and Poe, fans of Romantic poets, fans of pre-Raphaelite art, fans of ghost stories, vampire stories, tales of possession–all fans of dark fantasy…there’s something in this Tim Powers novel for all of you and each of you. The intricate alternate-logic of the supernatural, found in this book, has to be followed with care, and with considerable exercise of the suspension of disbelief, but it’s worth it.

Technically, this book is a kind of sequel to THE STRESS OF HER REGARD…but it stands on its own.

This poetic novel–it’s infused with its own poetic sensibility and verses by Swinburne, Christina Rosetti, and others–will transport literate fans of the dark fantasy. There’s horror here, there’s some dark humor, there’s a great deal of imagery that would make Tim Burton cream his jeans…

HIDE ME AMONG THE GRAVES by this winner of the World Fantasy Award really transports the susceptible reader.

HIDE ME… is a pleasure kin to eating the very best dark chocolate–but it’s also a literary experience. And yet the novel is fast paced, and suspenseful. Get it, it’s worth it in every sense.


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