Hell, Dude, You Can Play Videogames After You’re Dead

“So what you have to go to school and work a job too? What are you going to do in your off time? You spend most of it playing videogames with your friends. Listen, man, you can play videogames after you’re dead!”

“What do you mean I can play videogames after I’m dead?”

“Of course! Because you spend so much time on them your mind is framed that way. Indeed, as you’re dying and the oxygen is running out in your brain, you’ll probably see yourself in a videogame. Might seem to go on for years. And after you’re dead, the bardo, the afterlife experience to which your consciousness gravitates, will be formed by videogames because, in life, that’s when you were most alert and active, mentally, when you were playing those games. It might be the simplest–you might end up playing DOOM for thousands of years! Or it could be a 2D game…you might be trapped in a 2D world like Donkey Kong. Or you might be playing, like, Fallout Three, where people are wandering around at random in the background, saying the same things over in loops and sometimes walking into walls…”
–imaginary conversation I had with my youngest son. All in my mind. He’d already hung up the phone before it started.

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