Hunting Drones–and Hunting ANIMALS with Drones?

Someone hearing about hunters (in Colorado) possibly getting licenses to shoot down surveillance drones thought at first they meant hunting animals with drones. No, they aren’t hunting animals with drones the hunters are planning to hunt “gubmint” drones but that mis-reading of it…is terrifying! And probably inadvertently prophetic! It makes me realize that YES some DEEPLY SCREWED UP PEOPLE will use armed drones for hunting animals! They’ll be doing it as a “live video game”. I mean, right now they have places where people go to SHOOT animals, bunches of animals, that are penned into a relatively small area so the “hunters” can “practice” hunting. VP Cheney used to do it (I think that’s what he was doing when he accidentally shot his friend!) If they’ll do that… NOOOOOOO….

Now I can hear it, “Oh shirley but what about how we’re hunting PEOPLE with drones right now, in Pakistan”. That would be another discussion. This one is about 1) humane treatment of animals and 2) not encouraging incredibly sick vicious violent psychopathic behavior…Drunk rednecks sitting around at home playing “videogames” with real drones…

I’m gonna put this hunting animals with drones thing in a story and make it look as bad as I can… which won’t be difficult.

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