Save Lou Reed’s Old Liver for a Museum!

Thinking about Lou Reed’s liver. You know, he just had a liver transplant, and what I want to know is, WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS OLD LIVER? Incinerator? I fear so. But I’m a fan of Lou Reed’s old work, and I think his old liver, if still intact in a jar somewhere, should be sent to the Rocknroll Hall of Fame and put on display. I mean, hey, it should be preserved (so should Charles Bukowski’s), for posterity. Consider all the dope that went through that liver; consider all the amphetamines, liquor, amphetamines, liquor, alternating, through his amphetamine years. That liver saw him through Rock n’ Roll Animal, Berlin, Street Hassle and so on, most of his stuff till a little while before New Sensations…

Imagine how grizzled, how scarred, how much interesting surface texture there is on that liver? Perhaps you could work out a way to associate certain scars with certain Lou Reed albums.

That was a liver that worked HARD for rock’n'roll! If it’s in a fridge somewhere I say, SAVE LOU REED’S OLD LIVER for a museum.

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