The internet troll state of mind

I heard Tom Brokaw complaining again about people who hide behind idiotic screen names to blare out misogynistic comments about women in the news; to snarl racist lies and other forms of low slimy troll stuff. Brokaw is right of course…And it seems to me that screennames can sometimes be a psychological key to the troll. Their screen names often have a hint of self loathing in them. “BrainSlug”, say, or “FUifUDon’tLikeMe”… People using them step into the troll state of mind as easily as slipping into a Halloween costume. It’s a wanking, self spanking state of mind that they descend into. It resembles the dark side of childhood…

Internet trolls demonstrate the transience of real self, in people generally; their comments are a purely unconscious printing out of a low state of mind: a frightened rodent state of mind squealing with pain in its trap.

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