Combine Religion and Politics to Get Nerve Gas

Religion mixed with politics, or, worse, with nationalism, is like nerve gas. Religion is a key ingredient in a deadly toxin, in that combination.

In chemistry, there are many chemicals that are harmless until combined; the bombardier beetle has a harmless chemical stored up in one area, a catalyst in another; only when the catalyst is added to the stored chemical does the organism create the toxin sprayed by the beetle.

Sometimes only two or three normally harmless ingredients are needed to make deadly gas used in warfare.

Most religion can be harmless, even a useful consolation, if kept separate from politics or nationalism. Politics is already somewhat volatile; nationalism even more so.

But they will usually play out innocuously…unless you add in the catalyst; unless you mix in the key chemical that makes them into deadly toxin. And then we get the Crusades, we get modern Jihad, we get religious persecution: deadly as poison in a reservoir or a slowly spreading cloud of nerve gas.

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