Massacre Conspiracy Babblers Hurt Innocent People

Millions of people have seen the moronic video claiming the Boston bombing was faked; millions have been exposed to idiotic “memes” on fb and elsewhere suggesting that the Aurora massacre was unreal, Newtown Sandy Hook murders staged, etc. I wonder how many would maintain that the Columbine massacre was faked? Who do they ultimately blame for this imaginary conspiratorial agenda? Obama. Maybe they wouldn’t be so eager to challenge Columbine as we didn’t have a *black* President then.

But I also lump these people in with 9/11 Truthers who are suspicious of Bush/Cheney–I can understand being suspicious of Bush/Cheney, but 9 11 theory is without foundation.

But conspiracy theories of this kind are not harmless speculation. They hurt real people: the families of the victims. The thousands who lost family in the WTC attack. They slander them, they create misery and uncertainty around them; they create misery and calumny. Sandy Hook/Newtown families of victims were threatened by anti gun-control fanatics for their part in “the hoax”. This is cruelty heaped on cruelty.

There are two kinds of persons (with much overlap) who engage in this stuff:

One kind is racist and NRA-conditioned, they imagine their precious guns are going to be taken away by The Black Guy.

The other group seems to really be about frisson–about thrills. They thrill at being the ones pointing the finger at what they imagine is a conspiracy and *they don’t care who gets hurt* and what lies are fostered in people’s minds, as long as they can have the self aggrandizing thrill of their meme, their pseudo documentary on youtube…

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