Most Religious Rituals, maybe all, are Meaningless. But once upon a time…

Religious rituals don’t have the point, the meaning, they originally had. So it seems to me. Perhaps they’re still of value to some of you. To many people, if not most, they’re misdirection, and mere conditioning. Once, long ago–millenia ago, in most cases–rituals were a device, something like a symbol mnemonic (or legominism), for remembering that we’re connected to something higher, and that those who engaged in the ritual had a goal, a fundamental wish to remain in conscious connection. But the meaning in the ritual was lost over time; the original meaning wasn’t accurately transmitted through history’s endless “game of telephone”. Ritualism is a flawed system. The practice of self-remembering works better.

Self-remembering doesn’t involve “selfishness”–it is remembering to observe the self, and my state of presence or lack of presence; my connectedness or lack of connectedness to the world around me, in the moment, along with the state of my inner life. It relies on ideas, and good habits, instead of ritual. It’s a system that’s more integral to daily life.

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