No This is NOT a Real Hilary Clinton Statement

I had an elaborate fantasy about Hilary Clinton today. No, not that kind of fantasy. I envisaged her giving a press conference: “The tragic violence at the embassy in Benghazi will not and should not be forgotten. There is plenty of blame to go around. My department was complacent about security, some were slow to respond, Special Forces were frustrated in attempts to reach the embassy (frustrated through no fault of theirs), and Republicans in Congress failed to provide enough money for embassy security upgrades. However most of the current microscopic perusal and rehashing of the tragedy is happening for one reason. The Republicans believe I’m going to run for President so they hope to smear me, in a way that will prevent me from winning when that time comes. But in fact I already decided not to run–oh, I left the door open a sliver, for a while, because Bill wanted me to, but I have now closed that door. I will not be running for President. As a consequence, Republicans can now drop the Benghazi distortions and get back to the real work of Congress–perhaps now they can be freed up to work on, say, rebuilding infrastructure, instead. Again, I will not run for President. I would however like to make an endorsement. Elizabeth Warren for President.”

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