Grinding up the Big Ones to Feed to the Little Ones

Some moral dilemmas I just surrender to. We have 3 cats, two dogs, and we’re bonded with our pets. They’re all spayed and neutered. But what we all do is, we take large dopey animals, cattle and pigs, also smaller ones like chickens, and we grind ‘em up, and shove the grindings in cans, to feed our pets. (My dog is confused, he wants to go hunting wild cans of dog food.) So we take big animals and grind them up to sustain the little animals evolved to comfort us. Our little biological comfort machines. And they’re wonderful little fur people, don’t me wrong. But I don’t eat meat myself, except a little fish, and I don’t like supporting the meat industry; I don’t like its cruelty, or the damage it does to the environment, nor the squandering of resources.

It bothers me that my cats get more protein than starving children in the third world. But I don’t believe that vegan pet food (yes it exists) is good for animals. And it’s too preciously “correct” to bear anyway.

So I’m stuck grinding up the big animals to feed the little comfort creatures….

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