RIP Richard E. Geis

Richard E Geis has died. Apparently, he died in early February…He won 8 Hugos for his zines! Amongst other things, he edited Science Fiction Review and The Alien Critic. He was one of the most important figures in science fiction fandom, a fine editor and op-ed writer, and my friend…

I had lost touch with him (he didn’t answer a letter I sent him a few years ago) and didn’t know he’d died. He published some nonfiction pieces by me (like my reviews of Sterling’s The Artificial Kid and Schismatrix), and William Gibson’s kindly review of my novel Cellars, and generally provided a lot of entertainment for me when I was a young, annoying man trying to write science fiction.

I visited his house one time, in Portland…a cluttered place where, as I recall, he lived with his mother, wrote whimsical porn novels (eg, “Star Whores”), and was surrounded, of course, by shelves of books…He gave a lot of good cartoonists, and other artists, a nice venue. He’ll be missed by thousands of science fiction fans who appreciated the class he brought to fanzines.

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