I Don’t Lean so far that I Fall Over

While I lean left, I don’t lean so far that I fall over. People on the right like to imagine that anyone left of them is a Marxist. I’m not a Marxist. I have some sympathy with the “real Marxism has never been tried, the Soviets etc were not engaging in the real thing” crowd, but I’m still not a Marxist. Some people on the left who conflate all “capitalism” with corporatocracy are as confused by complex social systems as people on the right. In fact many people seem almost literally allergic to complexity and diversity in political systems.

It’s possible to hold two methodologies in one’s mind at the same time; gears moving in contrary directions (one clockwise, one counter clockwise) mesh and mechanically interact, to the advantage of the mechanism’s purpose; it’s possible for “socialist” programs, like single payer government healthcare, and free enterprise to co exist, contiguously and sometimes interconnectedly.

What’s so difficult about that?

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