Stupid Movies Could Save the World

I’ve been thinking that sometimes STUPID MOVIES actually help the world. The movie Armageddon made a lot of money overseas. It was a popular film. It was a slick movie in its way, just kind of lowest common denominator action/science fiction but it was not wrong in suggesting that asteroids are a danger and they can be intercepted and we should think about it. It may actually have planted a vital seed in people’s minds, especially young people who saw it; it may’ve set the stage for people thinking about the danger more, preparing the way, the psychological ground, for the science, the astronomy–the investment of asteroid danger readiness. So a dumb movie might actually have helped SAVE THE WORLD!

Same goes for the movie THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW which was kind of dopy but at least (in an exaggerated way) it showed how global warming can lead to extreme weather of all kinds.

Dumb movies could save the planet!

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