Ah, Early Spring–a Time for GORE

It’s early Spring here–time for GORE on the front porch. No, not Al Gore, though he’s welcome to visit, I mean our most savage cat has started leaving bloody gifts again. This morning when I fed the cats the black one sniffed the food and snubbed it–which he rarely does. Plus he had a twitchy, crazy-eyes savage look about him that said, “I have killed! I have eaten bloody flesh!”

Then I found the half eaten remains of an *enormous* fat rodent on the front porch. The organs had been saved and laid aside, *arranged in a row*…Heart, one lung, liver, two kidneys, each tiny and in perfect shape, as if quite carefully laid there, the same distance apart.

I can only surmise that he left these for us as delicacies, arrayed like a selection of organs, under glass, in a French “triperie”…

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