Writers Aren’t Entirely Without Usefulness

Writers, when they’re good, are useful to a community, have their own niche like doctors and public defenders and postmen. They have a social function. Yes, it’s descended from traditional tribal storytelling; the sharing and embellishing of myths. They do for the community something like what dreaming does for the brain. At their best, writers interpret the world, mythologize it so it can be processed. They reflect reality so we can see it in a mirror and assess it. Of course they can distort it too. But the best writers–even fantasy writers–are reflecting it. They express truths about the outer world, and about our inner worlds; they critique human life. They create theoretical models of reality we can use or discard. They entertain as well, and that too has innate value. . .Musicians also have a social function–and it can overlap with a writer’s. A graphic artist has a similar function, but in imagery–and that can overlap with writing too, of course, in graphic novels…

Often these forms are intertwined, become another form synthesized from music, art, writing…. movies.

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