Hurray for Loafers (and I don’t mean shoes)

Tribes have roles within them, typically & like all tribes we have our warriors, we have our lawgivers & enforcers, we have tribal engineers who build things, & those who specialize in obtaining food, preparing food; we have the tribal artists (some of whom do for the tribe what dreams do for the brain)–but there’s an important role often overlooked…tribal loafers. They’re a good example by being a bad example. “You wanta end up like him, smelling bad and not even good at putting up a goddamn teepee?” Loafers also have a amusement value, and…they provide a steam valve of sorts for people who daydream about becoming one. “Just want to stop huntering and gathering and working at the bank and become like Sleepy Joe…”

Huzzah for bummy lazy slobs. We need them.

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