How the Universe Thinks?

Watching “How the Universe Works”–Kaku describing the coming destruction of our galaxy through collision with the Andromeda galaxy. In a mere 6 billion years. Part of the creative process, that destruction, such collisions being quite common. Mixing is part of many recipes. . .Dark matter, dark energy, which seem to be wrestling, competing, creating a synthesis that is the shape of all and everything, are inferred, guessed at by us, and we don’t know what it’s made of….They have a 3D model of much of the visible universe now, and if we include the stuff we infer, dark matter/energy, gravity webs, as well as clusters of galaxies and their linkages with other clusters, then the universe looks, from outside, if there is an outside, like an unthinkably giant sponge. One might also think of neurons arranged in a brain. Is dark matter/dark energy the stuff of mind? Is it God’s mind?

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