The Software of Sex

The brain’s sexual hardware and programming is designed to encourage and enact procreation. So I infer there’s an inherent sexual software in everyone –and perhaps when we’re not using the brain and body for procreation, when we’re using it for recreation, we’re “hacking” that software. That is, we’re changing the software, hacking into it, when we practice non-reproductive sex, to make the software work more and more efficiently, over time, for pure recreation. (Clearly, some people’s software gets rewritten by peculiarities of life-experience early on, creating fetishes).

But this programming is suspiciously “hackable”. It’s relatively easy to hack, if one concentrates on the process devotedly, and that suggests it’s there for more reasons than procreation. That’s the basic reason, sure; and nature’s making reproduction pleasurable, interestingly complex, generally agreeable increases the chances of procreation. But it’s also a form of communication and a source of profound psychological reassurance, at its best. It’s nurturing.


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