Three thoughts about what I’ve seen of the GOP convention.

One, McCain may’ve made a little headway for the Republicans in his remarks on Afghanistan, the President’s announcement of a timetable for withdrawal, the strong chance of a Taliban resurgence after we’re out–in a realpolitik sense, he’s probably right. The President knows that, too. That stuff is a problem–but it’s one we have to accept and face anyway. We simply cannot stay there any longer, despite the downsides of leaving…We cannot afford the cost in blood and treasure…

Two, there’s a sense that GOP insiders don’t actually want Romney to win because they figure he’ll be hard to get rid of then as the next candidate and might well lose…as he’s not very supportable. SO they actually are assuming Obama will win,they wrongly think that will turn the country against the Democrats and will allow a Christie/Rubio ticket to win in 2016. And Christie’s speech was clearly an announcement for his 2016 candidacy which infuriated Romney.

Three, they’re basing a lot of the convention theme on a deliberate misinterpretation of Obama’s words. When Obama said “you didn’t build that” he was speaking of “public roads and bridges”–not your business. But the line had sloppy syntax, allowing for the soundbite distortion.

Basing so much on a deliberate misinterpretation (they know damn well what Obama really meant) is simply desperate and has got them ridiculed by Jon Stewart and others…

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