Wall Street Journal article excerpt from the year 2013 after Mitt Romney’s election and the 2012 triumph of Tea Partiers in Congress: “The White House is pleased to announce Pres Romney’s signature on the Free Market Minimum Wage Bill…The bill is a federal mandate lowering the minimum wage to 75 cents per hour in fast-food franchises, 85 cents per hour in other franchises. The President pointed out that ‘minimum wage in prison averages 25 cents an hour–this is three times that!’

Asked about the ten cent discrepancy between fast food franchises and other chains, like Wal-Mart, the President explained that ‘There is actually a lot of free food in these chains, like, you know, your Burger Bell, or whatever. They get a discount on their meals and, most important, they get what are called floor spillage rights. It’s a wonderful free market innovation–employees wash their mouths with antiseptic, then lick the floors with their tongues. This cleans the floors and gives them additional food from spillage. It’s estimated that the spillage of grease and other food particulates in these businesses averages a hundred calories per square foot…’”

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