Illuminati? New World Orders? Old World Conspiracy? Or just Ignorance of history?

People who claim they’re into a conspiracy theory involving illuminati, masonry, wicked secret societies, and, often…Jews…speak of History. “They’ve been at it all through history. For example…” But if you get them aside and ask them where they got their information, it was always from a charlatan–and if you ask them about the historical facts of any country they’re declaiming darkly about, it turns out they don’t know them. They know nothing of *actual* history. And in fact, if one studies history, shorn of conspiracy theory or illuminati fantasies, it makes sense; the ordinary collegial study of history makes perfect sense, in terms of human nature, and with respect to cause and effect. There are dark deeds and some conspirators, but it needs no illuminati or secret societies to be internally logical.

My main point really is that if you were to test MOST conspiracy theorists on basic historical facts, what the Austria-Hungarian empire was, say, facts and dates concerning Rome, how emperors were selected (in which era) of Rome…they don’t have a clue. They know ZILCH about it. Most of the time while claiming the early Presidents were all illuminati-masonic-jewish-reptoids, it turns out they don’t know who the second, third, fourth or fifth President was, or what their policies were.

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