Whose Bubble Am I In?

Bill Maher says Republicans live in “a bubble”; certain information is not allowed in through the bubble, he says. Kind of true, yeah. Naturally, if you suggest this to a conservative they’ll say, “No, it’s liberals who are filtering out facts.”

Still–someone conservative recently said to me, “Obama lied when he said he’d go over budgetary items line by line and eliminate unnecessary ones.” But actually Obama did go over the the budget that way–and he eliminated unnecessary items. This person simply took Fox News’ (or Breitbart, Newsmax, etc) word that Obama didn’t do what he said he’d do. But it’s documented–he did do it. And he is still doing it.

It’s about your information source. Yes, I do think the New York Times is usually fairer than right-wing news sources. Usually is the best we can hope for in a free society.

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