Good Shows Chewed to the Bone By Hungry Hounds

I really suspect there are so many people with the job (or, “job”) of media criticism, that the corrosiveness of over analysis and blind critique can destroy good television shows, undermine perfectly okay movies, killing those projects in the cradle. The internet and cable tv and the plethora of media-fixated publications has created an excess of “critics”. Most of them are just bozos. I’m not opposed to critics. There are smart ones around. I’m opposed to people who are using the position for asshole reasons and don’t really take it seriously. They don’t care what damage they do as long as they made (or think they made) an impression. There’s a whole spreading phenomenon of “off the top of my head” Attention-Deficit media crit out there. . .

Some guy trying to make his name as a media critic, trying to get a job watching things, which is all he’s good at, takes cheap shots at an HBO show, or some other, and if he does it in an infectious way people pick up on it and they say, “Oh I heard that one was a one-trick show.” Or, “its characters are two dimensional.” This is after *one* episode. Shows GROW. Really, a lot of the criticism amounts to, “While this show delivers [four great qualities and entertainment], it fails to deliver pizza.” That is, there’s ONE THING it’s short on.

Well it’s Chinese food, dude, it’s not pizza

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